My Projects

Humans of New York Out Loud

My new series, Humans of New York Out Loud, adapts stories from Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York.

Stanton has documented the lives of people from all walks of life. I fell in love with the stories he shared, and started working on them as performance pieces.

You can watch new episodes of Humans of New York Out Loud on my YouTube channel.

Trump Detox & Other Political Musings

If the Trump administration has you in a depressive spiral, detoxify yourself with my political series on Facebook. The series has surpassed 1 million views and while it can’t promise complete relief from Trump, it offers a way to cope with some laughs.

IRL: The Internet in real life

IRL is the Internet… in real life. All of the dialogue in this series comes directly from the crude and hilarious things people have said online.

Season Two: Twitter + Facebook

Season One: Tinder + OKCupid