Coming Soon: IRL (The Internet In Real Life)

The past few weeks have been a wonderfully insane rush to film the first episodes of a web series I am creating called IRL. The series is the Internet in real life. I was interested in exploring the way we talk online, and thought there couldn’t be a better challenge for an actor than to justify speaking in that manner to someone’s face. I went into the depths of the Internet, took conversations I couldn’t imagine happening in real life, and set them in face-to-face situations. Get ready for bad Tinder lines, Facebook rants, and YouTube fights brought to life.

We started with Tinder and OKCupid. I had so much fun going through all the Tinder nightmares and OKC fails online. However, the best material came from friends who were gracious enough to share their online dating conversations with me. Thank you Patrick Burns, Piera Von Glahn, and Laura Fries for sharing the very worst/best Tinder and OKC pickup lines!

I’m blown away by the group of people who came together to help make this happen. Inka Mama’s Peruvian Cuisine gave us an incredible location, Chelsea Meyer jumped in to DP for us, Alex Cantatore is joining the gang as our editor, and all these actors took on a ton of material and worked as crew for an overnight shoot:

Ian Cardoni Rose Marie Guess Olivia Hultgren
Anzhelika Kaliss Daniel Krause Daniel Shawn Miller
Danny Ross Nora Rothman Peter Schiavelli
Darcy St. Clair Katey Zouck

We’ll be editing this summer and releasing the first episode soon. Stay tuned! If you want to get ahead of the game, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

IRL - Tinder Shot

Heading to New York for August!

I’m super excited to say that I’ll be in New York this August working on a theater project with Lana Russell (pictured above, embarrassed by my touristy ways).

We’re producing a festival of new works that will go up August 15-17th. It will be a fun opportunity to focus on developing new work. I’m looking forward to acting in the festival, and meeting some new artists to collaborate with. Plus, I get to adventure around New York, and my Jewfro will really thrive in that summer humidity.


We’re currently accepting submissions from playwrights for the project. If you have a piece you would like to submit, you can find more info here.

UCB 201 Grad Show

I’m just about to finish Improv 201 with David Harris at UCB. Our graduation show is this Sunday. Come! … And have a great Mother’s Day.

Sunday, May 10 at 1:30pm
Tickets are $5 at the door.

UCB Franklin
5919 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028

Official Selection: Night of Scenes

I will be performing with a group of Howard Fine masterclass students in Official Selection: Night of Scenes at Theatre/Theater on March 19th and 26th. Admission is free. Make your reservations by emailing

Official Selection Information

Updated Reel

Take a peek: